The President Of Ukraine

Magnets are remarkable projects that can attract success to Ukraine at the global level.  As a state, we are interested in making our country a creative center of inspiration and implementation of innovations that will lead Ukraine to the successful future.

Who chooses the Magnets?

The President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, experts and expert communities, local authorities, international and Ukrainian investors, philanthropists, the Ukrainian people.

Prime Minister of Ukraine

We are starting to build a strong country, and magnets will become our symbols. We will provide the highest level of project support, ensure the protection of investments and extensive communication. I believe in the success of Ukraine. I believe that we can "magnetize" each other: the state and the people, projects and investors, ideas and inspiration.

Examples of magnets
Khortytsia Island

Purpose of the project is to transform the largest island on the Dnipro into a popular tourist centre of Ukraine.

International tourist centre
Danube Riviera

Purpose of the project: the creation of a new popular summer resort in the south of Ukraine. 150 days for the summer holiday season

What it will be:
the length of the beach
the width of the beach
Biosphere reserve
Chornobyl: Renaissance

Chornobyl is a unique territory covering 2600 km2 and focusing on 5 directions of regional development – security, science, tourism, culture, urbanism.

Scientific and touristic centre

Borzhava Polonyna is a mountain range on the Poloninsky Range in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Popular ski resort.

What it will be:
the longest track
ski runs
skiers per hour
All-season resort
Promprylad. Renovation

Promprylad Renovation is an innovative centre in the nitters of the revitalized plant in Ivano-Frankivsk, which focuses on four directions of the region development ΜΆ new economy, urbanism, contemporary art, non-formal education.

What it will be:
buildings of the old factory
total area
territory in the city center
Self-realization and community development
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The stage of collecting proposals

The President's Office already received around 2000 project applications as part of an information collection program about potential Magnets of Ukraine!

Selection criteria
  • The symbolism of the project, to "magnify" success to our country

  • Supporting and benefiting the local community (creation of new services, workplaces, business opportunities)

  • Self-sufficiency and investment attractiveness

  • Large scale — over € 10 million

  • Long-term social and economic effect — for over 20 years

  • Implementation term — up to 5 years

  • Existence of a team to implement

  • Other 

Project groups

Group 1 — patronage of the President and the President's wife

Number: 2-5 projects

Description: significant at the national level and attract external investors.

Support: a promotion at the President's level, projects of the highest priority for state officials, possible state investments or other support.

Defined individually.

Group 2 — patronage of the Prime Minister and the Government

Number: 20-50 projects

Description: significant at the national level and attract external or internal investors.

Support: promotion at the level of ministries and state programs, possible co-investment by the state or other support.

Group 3 — patronage of OSA chairmen and majority deputies

Quantity: not limited

Description: significant projects at the regional level for the attraction of Ukrainian stakeholders. 

Support: investors' access to the list of projects and information about them, support at the regional level.

Magnets of Ukraine
Attract success!